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What’s on the table?

Today’s morning haul from the living pantry included okra, Japanese eggplant, Thai Basil, a selection of hot peppers and a handful of Royal Burgundy beans.

I toyed with a hapa Afro-Asian fusion dish but in the end put aside the okra for later and made spicy basil eggplant served over quinoa (because I had some ready cooked).

Desert was slices of the cooling, delicious mystery melon of the Cucumis melo family, which has become rather prolific. it is expanding in all the front garden spaces I allow, staging a vine-in occupation of the front path, sending exploratory tendrils up dried sunflowers stalks and venturing over the front wall, basking in the late summer sun.

The melon I ate today was harvested a few days ago.

I’m definitely saving seeds and planning arched trellises for these sweet mystery wanderers to climb next summer. They obviously feel very comfortable at the 6th Avenue Shala.

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