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India dreaming: Chihauhauan desert edition

My afternoon iced chai brewing: take one insipid Chai black teabag in my cupboard due to a poor shopping decision in a fit of longing for the taste of India, Indian rail travel and those little clay chai cups lending a smokey, earthy flavour to the spiced life, and so quintessentially the India of then, there before the world of that Roman mermaid derived logo coffee shop on every corner of the world and yoga-as-a-biznis...but I digress:

chai teabag, fresh ginger root, fresh mint leaves (crushed), a couple of cardamom pods, cracked with back of a spoon or use powder, but I like to use pods. Fresh boiled water. Set to brew at dawn. Strain and refrigerate a few hours later. Drink mid to late afternoon when the desert heat is highest and the brew has had time to chill. Extra sprinkles: mint and lemon zest iceblocks. 

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