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Getting the job done: Jua Kali

Finally got the east screen door hung. 

And attached the door pull : a thrift store find, repurposed with gratitude for the screw holes, to a certain Dine friend and former colleague.

It is a somewhat jua kali job.  Old adobe walls, even recently restuccoed ones,  aren’t straight or square. 

I still need to do some manoeuvering with wood and foam to make it a closer fit. For now it closes with a rag tie. 

Jua kali gets it done. How many times a week do I thank my developing world origins for the legacy of parallel universe paradigm. 

A whole toolkit of resources of body and mind. 

No.  American people do not need to travel to other countries “to appreciate how much they have” (in the opinion of a fellow yoga teacher, referring to going to India)  but rather to see how little they have, how much has been lost in the pursuit of materialism and ego.

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