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Further thrift store rabbiting turns up a sacrament.

Royal Doulton Bunnykins bowl and plate for $1.50.

Swept into the waaaaaaayback machine.

American people don't really understand the history I have with English china like Royal Doulton and Wedgwood. "Good china" is a thing in my cultural history. So there was that, but also the nostalgia element.

Every childhood meal at Seafield, (cue "I had a farm in Ahhfrika" in Meryl Streep does Karen Blixen Danish accent, rolling the r and all) was eaten off Bunnykins.

Each one of the siblings had our own set and that specific plate, bowl, cup was always what we used. Identity. Ownership. Accountability (we didn't break them). Cultivating a value for quality and beauty in our lives and everyday objects.

These are all lessons and attitudes you don't get when your food comes in takeaway containers or single use plastic, which is most common for American households.

Such a throw away society. Disposable. Single use. Sigh.

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